Programmes for International Students

Bachelor Degree
Duration of studies: 4 years.
Areas of training:
Instrumental Music Performance
Vocal Performance
Choreography (Choreographer)
Choreography (Ballet-master/ Assistant Choreographer)

Specialist Degree
Duration of studies: 5 years. Master level.
Areas of training:
Concert (Instrumental) Performance
Symphony Conducting
Choral Conducting
Vocal Performance (Opera Singing)

Post Graduate Performance Course (Assistentura-stazhirovka)
Duration of studies: 2 years.
Pre-requisite: Specialist /Master degree
Areas of training:
The Art of Instrumental Music Performance
The Art of Vocal Performance
The Art of Conducting (Symphony Conducting, Choral Conducting)
The Art of Composition

Doctorate course (Aspirantura)
Duration of studies: 3 years.
Pre-requisite: Specialist/Master degree
Areas of training: Musical Art, Theory of Music
All doctoral students are expected to complete a research thesis by the end of the third year.

Special Training Non-degree Course
Duration of studies: 3 months in the limits of academic year
Pre-requisite: Diploma/ Academic certificate (Music, Dance).
Individual program (minimum 8 hours per week).

Preparatory Course
Duration of studies: 6 months (September 15 - December 13; March 1 - May 29)
Foundation Courses (Ear Training, Music Theory, Instrument/ Voice/ Dance, Russian Language)