Application process


Step 1. Choose the programme and review the requirements and application deadline dates.
Step 2. Submit the following via e-mail:

  • Application for admission
  • Video recording of your performance* (2 or 3 pieces in avi/ mp4/ fvl format) for preliminary presentation. Composition applicants are required to submit a copy (sheet music) of two compositions.

Scan copies of the following documents:

  • Passport valid 1,5 years from the date of arrival
  • Diploma (complete secondary education/ university education) and a transcript (list of subjects and marks/grades) – both documents (diploma & transcript) with apostil seal/ legalization
  • Russian translation of the diploma and the transcript certified by Russian notary
    / Russian consulate in your home country

In the case your preliminary presentation (a video-recording of your performance) is approved, and the documents are accepted, International Students Office will inform you about Entrance examinations dates. International students from visa countries arrive for Entrance examinations on the grounds of a tourist visa. The conservatory does not issue official invitations and does not offer a stay in the Students residence for the period of Entrance examinations.

Step 3.For the applicants who submitted Complete application documents and passed entrance examinations, the Conservatory order an official invitation. It takes approximetly 35 days to have it ready. International Students Office will inform you about the date when your official invitation is ready.

Step 4. To get the invitation you may order a delivery service company (DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc). You should order and pay the delivery at the local delivery company office. The address of the Conservatory: International Students Office, room 307, 2, Glinki ul., St.Petersburg 190000 Russia
Please send us your current address and the tracking number of your letter.

Step 5. Upon receiving the invitation, apply to the Russian consulate in your home country for your visa.

Step 6. Buy a ticket and inform International Students Office about the date of your arrival.

Step 7.Please note that your first visa is a one-entry visa and is valid for three months. In order to have it extended you must apply to the authorities in St. Petersburg no later than one month prior to the expiry date of your current visa. We strongly recommend you to arrive within the first month of your visa validity. The applicant arriving later than 5 weeks prior to his/her first visa expiry date, cannot have his/her visa extended.

Step 8. Make sure that upon arrival you must submit originals of the following documents:

  • Copy of Passport (Passport must be valid minimum 1,5 years from the date of arrival)
  • Migration card (obtained when crossing the border)
  • Diploma (complete secondary education/ university education) and transcript (list of subjects and marks)
  • Russian translation of your diploma and transcript certified by the notary
  • Results of expert examination of applicant's Diploma. More information can be found at
    In the case there is no arrangement between your home country and the Russian Federation on mutual recognition of educational qualifications - Certificate of recognition of secondary school/university diploma from Rosobrnadzor. Please see information at

  • General health certificate on your current health condition
  • For physical education obligatory class all first- year students must submit medical assessment reports from: otolaryngologist, surgeon, ophthalmologist, neurologist, for girls - gynecologist; also test results: complete Blood Count, urinalysis, chest X-ray (valid 1 year ), vaccination certificate.
  • Health Insurance Policy for 1 year/ period of studies
  • 8 photos (3x4 cm)

Please note that all the applicants must have their migration card registered within three days upon arrival. Applicants are strongly recommended to come to the conservatory on the next day after arrival to St. Petersburg.