Visa & Registration


Dear international students!
We would like to make your stay in St. Petersburg easy and comfortable and want to help you to avoid any problems connected with the existing visa/registration rules and regulations. Please read this information carefully and follow these rules. In case you have any questions, please contact Visa office or International Student office.

The visa office is located on the third floor of the Conservatory building, room 339.
Telephone: +7 (812) 312 57 73, +7 (812) 407- 95 -15. Office hours: 11.00 a.m. – 01.00 p.m., 02.00 p.m. - 04.00 p.m.
Director of the Office : Larisa Leonidovna Budagova


Each student arrives on the grounds of one-entry study type visa issued for 90 days. Within 2 working days upon arrival your migration card must be registered by the Conservatory. That is why all students are required to submit their documents within the first two days.

What is registration?
Upon arrival, the visa-office staff will hold your passport, migration card for the registration procedure.
Registration of visas is a form of migration control within Russia managed by Federal Migration Service organization (UFMS). The procedure is compulsory for all foreigners arriving to Russia for 7 days or longer. The registration slip shows the period you are registered to stay in any one place. It also contains your name, the name of the organization which issued your visa invitation and the address of your stay.

Upon arrival, the visa-office staff will hold your passport, migration card for the registration procedure. To replace those you will receive copies along with the certificate stating that your passport and migration card are temporarily held by the Conservatory. You will get your documents back in 3-4 days along with the registration slip («notification form»).

The registration slip («notification form») has two parts separated by a puncture line. The main part is submitted to the authorities. The tear-off receipt must be kept through your stay in Russia and shown to the police or to the passport control officers at the border.

Keep your migration card and registration slip safe, as they have to be handed back at passport control on departure. Please remember that you must have your migration card registered EACH TIME you enter the Russian Federation – also in case you have a multiple-entry visa.


In case your study programme is longer than three month, you need your visa to be extended (prolonged). A month prior to your first visa expiry date, you should submit your documents to the Visa Office of the Conservatory and get a multiple-entry visa which is valid for one year.

To be registered on arrival/ to prolong the visa the following documents are required:

  • passport (valid for at least 1,5 year)
  • study-type visa (in the passport)
  • migration card (obtained when crossing the border)
  • original health insurance policy, indicating explicitly that the student is insured for the whole period of stay in Russia (may be obtained from International Students Office)
  • 3 passport-size photos
  • contract of educational services
  • receipt of registration/visa prolongation payment


A foreign citizen changing residency in Russia should notify the Visa office about his/her new address within 3 days.

In case you stay in a hotel or in hospital (in St. Petersburg or another city), the hotel/ hospital makes a new registration, your present registration of the conservatory is cancelled. You must require the original registration slip from the hotel/ hospital and submit it to the Conservatory Visa office within tree working days upon return to the Student residence/ apartment. The Visa office will make a new registration for you free of charge.


In case you decide to stop your studies in the Conservatory for some reason, you must inform the Visa office and the International Students Office one month before the plan date of leaving, agree on the date of leaving with the Dean and the Visa office, buy a plane ticket and submit it to the Visa office, wait till the “exit visa” is ready (approx. 3 weeks).


If a foreign citizen loses his/her passport, migration card or registration slip (notification form), he/she should:

  • immediately report this to the nearest police department
  • obtain a certificate from the police department stating the loss of documents,
  • report to the conservatory’s Visa office for further instructions,
  • report to your Consulate and request a new passport in case it has been stolen or lost