Specialist Degree: 53.05.01 «The Art of Concert Performance» Piano

Pre-requisite requirements:

  • General musical training
  • Diploma of complete secondary education (high –school diploma) or diploma from an accredited specialized music institution
  • Age: minimum age 18 years

Entrance examinations requirements:

Applicants are required to perform:

  • one Prelude and Fugue by Bach
  • part of a Classical Sonata or Concerto
  • one large-scale piece containing technically-demanding elements
  • one technically-demanding Etude

Russian language

1. Written test
2. Writing a summary of the text read aloud
3. Reading and retelling a text
4. Presenting a short report on one of the conversational topics
5. Brief conversation with the teacher on one of the everyday topics

Knowledge of Russian at the Intermediate level (Test of Russian as a Foreign language. First Certification level).