Post Graduate Performance course: «The Art of Vocal performance »

Pre-Requisite Requirements:

  • Specialist diploma/ Master diploma in Vocal performance (Voice)
  • Library-research paper (summary, review) on the professional topic 3500-4000 words in length (19-20 pages). A standard research paper format should be used for the paper.

Entrance examinations requirements:


  • Performing the programme (20-25 minutes)
  1. Classical aria of the 17-18 centuries
  2. Aria by a western composer of the 19 century
  3. Aria by a Russian composer of the 19 – beginning of the 20 century
  4. Aria by a modern composer
  5. Romance by a western composer
  6. Romance by a Russian composer
  7. Folk song

  • Presentation of the library-research paper (summary, review) on the professional topic. Interview with faculty on the topic of the paper.

Russian language

1. Written test
2. Reading and retelling professionally oriented text (1, 5 pages)
3. Answering text dependent questions, one question for written answer
4. Free conversation with the board on the professional topics

Knowledge of Russian at the Upper-Intermediate level (Test of Russian as a Foreign language. Second Certification level).